2018 Wedding availability

We have the following dates available for weddings in 2018.  For more information please contact us on 01342 337700 or by emailing events@cpfelbridge.com



Friday, 6th Both, 13th Both, 20th Ballroom, 27th Treo

Saturday, 7th Both, 14th Ballroom,21st Treo, 28th Ballroom

Sunday, 8th Both, 15th Both



Friday, 11th Both,18th Treo,25th Treo

Saturday, 5th Treo, 19th Treo,26th Treo

Sunday, 6th Ballroom, 13th Both, 20th Both,27th Both



Friday, 1st Ballroom, 15th Both

Saturday, 2nd Ballroom, 9th Ballroom, 16th Treo

Sunday, 3rd Ballroom, 10th Both, 17th Both, 24th Both



Friday, 13th Both, 20th Treo, 27th Treo

Saturday, 14th Ballroom, 21st Treo, 28th Treo

Sunday, 1st Both, 8th Treo,15th Both, 29th Treo



Friday, 3rd Both, 10th both, 17th Treo, 24th Treo

Saturday, 4th Both, 11th Treo

Sunday, 5th Treo, 12th Treo, 19th Both, 26th Both



Friday, 7th Ballroom, 14th Treo, 21st Treo, 28th Ballroom

Saturday, 1st Treo, 8th Treo, 22nd Treo

Sunday, 2nd Treo, 9th Ballroom, 16th Treo, 23rd Both

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